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Foundational Skills for Reading
Grades PreK-5

Exceed Your Expectations

Remote Reading Class

Our sessions will take place virtually (via Zoom), where we will begin our reading journey.  After completing several skill-building activities, we progress to reading short stories.  Also, various games/activities are used to reinforce learning as well as assess progress and comprehension in skill development.

  • When can I set up an appointment to meet on Zoom?
    You may text 724-825-3372 or email to check availability. 🎟️
  • When are payments for sessions due?
    I usually require a payment at the end of each week, allowing for cancelations' and make-up sessions. 🙂
  • How do I set up a tutoring Session?
    You can contact me via text @724-825-3373 or email 🎭
Learning Together

How Transitions K5 Tutoring Works

Virtual Learning

Each student at Transitions K-5 Tutoring receives personal instruction based on their specific reading needs, skill level, and goals.  The priority is to identify current strengths and opportunities for each child.  This will allow for flexible learning and support in foundational skills for reading that will benefit them throughout their academic journey.

Chalkboard Drawings

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch any time with questions regarding our foundational skills in reading, students, staff, flexible study options and more.


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